The Whatley Center for Performing Arts

There's always something wonderful happening at the Whatley Center for the Performing Arts.

The James & Elizabeth Whatley Center for the Performing Arts features a theatre with modern instructional stage and seating for 570. Performances and art exhibits vary through year. The lobby area doubles as an art gallery for student and visiting art exhibits.

The use of cameras, video cameras or any sound recording device is prohibited at performances.

Babes-in-arms and children under 4 are not admitted.

Contact Information

Whatley Center for the Performing Arts, Northeast Texas Community College

Physical address:     2886 FM 1735, Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455

Mailing address:        PO Box 1307, Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456

Box office: Phone 903.434.8181

Carolyn Franks, Director
      Office phone - 903.434.8182, Home Phone - 903.856.5438, Cell Phone - 903.767.7671

David Mills, Technical Director
      Office Phone - 903-434.8174
      E-mail -

Jodi Weber, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
      NTCC, PO Box 1307, Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456
      Office Phone - 903.434.8114
      E-mail -

Handicap Access

We have wheelchair accessible seating. We have added more temporary handicapped parking spaces in the circle for events.
And can drop off passengers in the circle driveway before you park!


Parking is available in any of the campus parking lots, but for ease of access we encourage guests to use the main Whatley Center parking (P6), Handicap Parking Lot for those with handicapped plates or placards (P1), or the closest overflow parking lot (p5).

See map for more information.

Theatre Location/Directions

2886 FM 1735, Chapel Hill Rd., Mt. Pleasant, TX
Take State Hwy. 49 east from Mt. Pleasant. Turn right on FM 1735. College is three miles on right.
Come in main entrance and security will help you park.

Area Restaurants & Accomodations

Technical Information


    Non Union Stage Crew (mostly theatre students and local temp workers)
    1-Yamaha C-3 grand piano
    1-Schumacher 9' grand piano
    6-upright pianos, various makes
    Genie lift
    14' A-frame ladder with standing level of 18'
    Nearest grocery store:    Super One, 602 Jefferson Park, Mt. Pleasant, 903.577.8020


    Seats:     574 (568 regular, 6 wheelchair space), 36 temp seats
    Raked floor
    160' from stage to farthest seat
    No loading dock
    There is an 8' x 10' loading door at loading area in scene shop
    Trucks can park near door on same level


    Headset communication:  ClearCom
    Location: 2-SR, 2-SL, 1-Booth, 2-Aud., 2-Catwalk, 2-spots
    Six units available    
    No working dressing room monitors


    Two large dressing rooms with wardrobe racks, counters, chairs and lighted make-up spaces
    Washer & dryer in men's' dressing room
    Showers with hot and cold running water in restrooms
    Dressing rooms are directly behind stage
    Professional steamer available


    Proscenium opening: 46' W x 13'2" H to bottom of deadhung border
    Stage depth from 1st border to last lineset:  26'
    Stage depth from 1st border to back wall:  30'
    Curtain line to apron edge:  9'
    Cyclorama:      Back white plaster wall is used for cyclorama
    Scrim:  None
    Grid height:      29'
    Height of stage floor from house floor:  4' with three stairs from house to stage
    Crossover:      Yes; however, if cyc wall is used there is a hall immediately behind the wall with double
    doors on each side backstage Wing space: 15' plus on each side
    House Curtain:   Traveler, dark blue
    Stage floor has a 20' diameter revolve
    Stage floor surface:  resilient wood with brown stain
    No orchestra pit, but there is space on floor between stage and seats and on
    Stage left side at stage level or on wings either side.    

    No fly system


    Legs/teasers:  4 permanently hung black in good condition
    Location from curtain line:

    Set 1:  3'7"    Set 2:  10'9"      Set 3: 17'8"     Set 4:  26'9"    


    200 amp. 3 phase road show tie in for lights located off stage left    
    100 amp. Single phase road show tie in for sound located off stage left
    2-ENR Series 96 dimmer racks
    House lighting system uses DMX-512 protocol
    Control board:  Colortran Innovator 48/96
    Four motorized electrics over stage
    2 Altman Comet follow spots

          4-50° ETC Source Four ellipsoidals
        12-36° ETC Source Four ellipsoidals
        11-26° ETC Source Four ellipsoidals
        15-6x9 ellipsoidals
        10-6x12 ellipsoidals
        23-6" fresnels
        20-Par 64 med. 1000 W
          4-cyc lights

    Hanging positions:   (Diagram attached)
    Front of House:        Distance from curtain line/ height from stage/ # of circuits
    Beam #1:    32'/23'/20
        Beam #2:    43'/23/16
    Onstage positions:   (Diagram attached)
        1st electric:    4'8"/17'10"/20
        2nd electric:    8'9"/17'10"/20
        3rd electric:    16'9"/17'10"/20
        4th electric:    26'/17'10"/20


    Sound is run from light/sound booth
    Allen & Heath 32 channel mixer/GL3300M-832B
    3-JBL AE 15" &Horn PA Mains/AM4215/96
    2-JBL AE 18" Subwoofers/ASB6118
    6-JBL Control 26 Ceiling Speakers/Control 26CT
    2-Crown Power Amps for Lows/CTS1200
    1-Crown Power Amp for Highs and C.S./CTS600
    1-Crown Power Amp for Subs/CTS2000
    2-Shure Digital Processors/P4800
    4-JBL Floor Monitors/MP415
    2-Crate powered flat monitors/PRM60
    2-EV monitors
    2-Crown Power Amps for Monitors/CTS600
    1-Presonus 8 Channel Gate/Compressor/ACP88  
    1-DBX 4 channel compressor/DBX1046
    2-Lexicon effects processor/MPX500
    1-Furman power conditioner/PL8
    1-Tascam CDA-500 CD/cassette player
    1-Alesis ML9600 MasterLink Mastering CD Recorder (40GB Hard Drive)
    1-Dell Laptop Latitude 110F Computer with Remote Changer
    1-Proco MS-2 Mic splitter
    2-Horizon straightline passive direct box

Microphone inventory:
        2-Shure wireless lapel mics-
        3-Sennheiser E835 mics
        5-Shure SM57mics
        3-Shure SM58 mics
        2-EV N/D 357 AS mics
        1-Shure PG58 Dynamic wireless handheld mic    
        1-Shure PG30 Dynamic wireless headset mic    


        Draper Signature V-220 (approx 11' x 14' w/M1300 surface)
        Hitachi CP-X807 LCD Projector

Photos and additional information:


To the extent that space is available and subject to completion of established procedures, the college welcomes affiliated and nonaffiliated groups to campus for their meetings provided:

  1. All the needs of Northeast Texas Community College have been adequately served.
  2. That requests be submitted, in writing, outlining the type of event, speaker, etc.
    Click Here to Download Rental/Reservation Form
  3. That the group, its leader or speaker, is not subversive nor advocates the overthrow of the United States Government.
  4. That the group, its leader or speaker, does not advocate the perpetuation of any one religious denomination.
  5. College employees supervise all buildings and equipment.
  6. That the group(s) reimburses the college depending upon the group's status and purpose of event including any and all damage. There may be a building use, custodial, grounds, or security fee assessed.
  7. Northeast reserves the right to refuse the use of its facilities to any individual and/or group.

Reservations should conform to building hours. Special arrangements may be made (with appropriate costs) for use other than normal hours. Telephone reservations are only tentative and are held for 72 hours pending receipt of the written Facility Reservation Form and appropriate deposit.

Building Hours

Normal building hours are 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Friday. Facilities are normally closed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and vacation periods.


20% of the estimated reservation fee or an amount determined appropriate by the director.


College policy strictly prohibits alcoholic beverages, drugs or narcotics on campus.

Contracted Services

The Whatley Office will act as a clearing house for the provisions of contracted services, which include custodial, maintenance, light and sound technicians, audio visual, security, or any other need EXCEPT FOR FOOD SERVICE. Please make food arrangements by calling Northeast Food Service, (903) 434-8200.

Fee Schedule


$150 first hour/$90 each additional hour
$ 90 clean-up fee
20% of gross ticket/concession sales


$120 first hour/$60 each additional hour
$ 90 clean-up fee

Lighting technician: $12 per hour
Sound technician: $12 per hour
Stage Manager: $12per hour
Piano Rental: $60

Fee for use by NTCC student organizations will be left to the discretion of the Director of The Whatley Center for the Performing Arts.



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